Run your startup.
We'll get your finances right.

Narwhal provides your startup with bookkeeping, KPIs, cash-flow forecasts, and more. Understand your startup’s financial health, so you can start making informed & smart decisions.

No credit card required!

Focus on running your startup.
We'll handle your finances.

Founders should be focusing on what they do best. Narwhal provides your startup or SaaS company with everything you need to understand & master your finances. From bookkeeping to dynamic cash flow forecasts to payroll, we’ll make running your finances easy & stress-free.

Why startups and SaaS companies choose Narwhal

Understand Your Financial Health With Beautiful Insights & KPIs

Having accurate and up-to-date finances is extremely important to your startup’s success. Understanding key financial metrics such as cash flow, MRR, net income & gross profit, etc.. are critical at any stage.

Every month you’ll get an executive package with beautiful KPIs, clear & concise metrics, detailed flux analysis, and consolidated financial statements. No more guessing and assuming your finances with us. Think of it like your cheat sheet.

Start making informed decisions.

Live Cash Flow Forecasting with Scenario Planning

Cash is the lifeblood of any company. Using predictive analytics, Narwhal treats every transaction and their behavior uniquely, learning their patterns over the previous 1-2 years to generate accurate insights.

With scenario planning, toggle on or off every decision you are considering and immediately visualize the impact on your entire business, including your cash flow. Test everything from price increases, increased clients or customers, to salary adjustments. We make  cash flow planning easy.

Stress Free Tax Season

Tax season can be very stressful, especially when you have to close your own books. Tax compliant books and a year end package is included with your Narwhal subscription. We’ll work with your preferred CPA at no cost. Don’t have a CPA? We have a system of preferred CPA’s to help you file your taxes.

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